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Write down open issues with Twitter - with date. Some of these might not be bugs but features - it is up to the community to clarify that.




Reported 2007-10-23 by user pascalvanhecke:


- you are following user X and Y

- user X has an @Y tweet

- this @Y tweet does not show on your home and profile page when you have notifications turned of for user Y

- this seems logical behaviour for IM/SMS since you do not follow Y, so you do not want to see responses to Y in your IM/SMS

- this seems to be a bug on the web since you are following user X on the web so you want to see responses by X to Y...




Reported 2009-01-11 by user NCdave:

Situation: I manage several "google group" email lists, which were unmoderated for list members. Unfortunately, Twitter just spammed an ad to one of these lists (over 200 people!) with the "from" address forged to be a list member (who presumably just signed up with Twitter). Because the apparent "from" address was the address of a list member, google groups forwarded the Twitter ad to the entire list!


I had to set the whole list to "moderated" to ensure that this won't happen again.  Now, thanks to Twitter, I have to manually moderate all the messages to the list!


Twitter developers, if you are reading this: Please, if you insist on spamming ads to everyone in an address book, then please at least have the decency to use your own email address as the "from" address!


You can set the sender name (the textual description with the from address) to be something like "Twitter on behalf of so-and-so."  You can set the Reply-To address to be the address of the new newly signed-up Twitterer.  But please stop forging the "from" addresses!!!


Note: I reported this problem a few days ago as a "request" at, access key 353661mrbewl, but I've received no response so far.


Updated 2009-01-19 by user NCdave:  After more than a week of inaction, the aforementioned "request" seems to have vanished from twitter's site, so I've submitted another.


Updated 2009-02-05 by user NCdave:  Another 19 days have elapsed, and the request is still there ("request #8068"), but twitter still has not responded.  I've added a comment to the request, noting that Twitter's practice of forging the From address is illegal in many States, including North Carolina.  That statute is G.S. 14‑458(a)(6).  You can read it on the NC Legislature's web site, here:

In addition to the criminal penalties, the crime also has statutory civil damages associated with it, and they are stiff:





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