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  • bubble - bubble helps you find someone based on your tweets, friends and followers. @twitbubble
  • Radaroo- Simple and free Twitter dating application.
  • Twitcush-Declare a Twitcrush on someone, see who has declared one on you! (Great for getting the attention of Twitterati.) (By @missburrows)
  • qmpeople - Synch your Twitter updates across The Net.
  • 140love - Looking for love or friendship? Tr y tjklhis free dating site and find your perfect twitter match.
  • twiterminal Soulmate - Use Twitter like a console to find your Soulmate. Just Follow @twiterminal and use Soulmate command it is easy. Command description can be found at twiterminal homePage.
  • misd.me - Have fun looking at crushes and missed connections in your city.
  • Plenty Of Tweeps - Search local twitter users, anonymously connect and then go on dates!

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