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Are You a Twitter Ninja?




Got an idea or suggestion for Twitter? Add it here with a title, description and your name and a link to your twitter account!

We Love it man


Account Management


  • A control panel (like in Blogger) for people with multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Could Twitter use OpenID authentication, particularly for external websites to make posts for you without needing your password?
  • Manage what you are tracking via sms on the settings portion of the web.


Tweet Delivery


  • Checkboxes on your lists of friends to specify which updates will be delivered via sms and which you'll only read on the web (Now built into Twitter)
  • Support for other IM systems than just AIM and GoogleTalk.

Managing Twitter Notification Preferences


  • Ability to specify combinations of preferences (e.g., IM delivery, SMS delivery, tweet notification for each person I'm following) and give it a name.
  • Similar in principle to Nokia Phone Profiles (where a Profile is just a name equivalent to a combination of phone settings).
  • Further described here.
  • Ability to be notified when someone STOPS following you. (may belong under the friends/followers section...




  • could we use ! or something to "whisper"?... whispering would be an alternative to making one's entire profile private. You could create a list of "close friends" who can hear your whispers, which are otherwise private. Alternatively, this would be an interface affordance for saying things quietly (i.e. de-emphasized in the timeline view). This idea is simply towards greater expressiveness in the Twitter syntax.

Twitter Events (timeframe filters)


  • Allow a user to enter a event timeframe, i.e., beginning date & time, ending date & time.
  • This event becomes a navigable item on the user's page
  • This event becomes a filter on the user's archive
  • EXAMPLE: User schedules vacation; User sets up future Event in Twitter; User goes on vacation, twitters as usual about location; Several hundred updates later, User can easily revisit notes on things he/she did on vacation; User realizes vacation dates changed, can modify timeframe of event
  • FUTURE USE: Twitter can promote special events and conferences by having users add a system Event and not a system Twitter User.
  • FUTURE USE: Attributes of the timeframe (such as title) can be used to aggregate across the public community, e.g., "See all posts during 'SXSW 2007'"
  • FUTURE USE: Integration of web calendar APIs (30Boxes, Google Calendar, etc.) can auto-generate Events for users

Twitter Events (part 2)


  • I'd love to be able to allow Twitters and non-twitters the ability to send messages to a user account related to an event or series of events
  • The information could then be posted on a website, blog, video screen or whatever
  • EXAMPLE: Similar to what U2 does at their concerts with One.org
  • People would be given a user account and told to text their response with @user to the proper text number and all the responses will be displayed on the user's page

~~~~ jonathan at casadeblundell dot com




Friends and Followers


  • Ability to sort through long lists of friends and followers by clicking on a link (letter of the alphabet, sorted by screen name), rather than click "next" repeatedly
  • I want to look at the followers list and have it note who is already considered a friend. Easier to update that way. -- Twitter Toolbox does that.
  • RequestForGroups
    • Add a family category. Along with that, also add a way to allow your family to get updates via an @Family send to and only allowing them to see messages directed to them, unless they have been added as a friend as well. (falls into common discussion on the RequestForGroups page)
  • Would like an easy way to find people who have added me as a friend, but are not following me (meaning, they did an Add, then a Leave, but did not Remove).
  • A map of where my friends and followers are. Like TwitterVision, but static.
  • Importing a csv list or a connection to go over your outlook contacts to see who is twittering without sending them an invitation.

Language Related


  • A true multilingual interface with associated tools and options. Here is what I posted on my blog last week:

What I think is missing in services like Twitter and clones is a good handling of languages. In fact, Twitter doesn’t handle languageS, at all. As it is english only. ;) Here are three ideas that if used would contribute to make a good multilingual presence service:


1. Ability to choose the language I want for the service

2. Ability to choose the languages in which I want to see updates

3. Ability to tell the service (with a two-letters code like en, fr, de, etc.), on a post basis, in which language I am posting, enabling people who understand only one language of a multilingual user to drop updates in unknown language(s).

What do you think of that?


Presence and Profile


  • More comprehensive Profiles. Especially including IM Online Status
  • An official "Where am I now?" to go with "What am I doing now?" rather than Twittervision's kludge.
  • An emoticon on your main page to say you're happy, sad, sick etc on any given day. Kind of as an addition to location: mood: (and you choose an icon)
  • Emoticons within the text itself. A first attempt is at www.emotwicon.com It uses only javascript to parse the text and replace where possible the emoticon text into images. But it requires that the emoticon text be formated in a specific way.



  • CasualPrivacy
  • A way to make specific updates private (instead of making all updates private)



  • ability to find a previous post (of mine or anyone else)
  • Better search for existing users. It's too hard to find people you know are on Twitter somewhere.

Twitter Tags


  • It would be good if Twitter had tags. That way people would be able to search for people with similar interests. - Tweeter Tags does that.
  • I'd like to click on links in someone's profile to find Twitter users by city, state, etc.
  • Support for groups would be great. If i have friends with whom I share different interests, I want to be able to follow them separately by creating a group "Technology" for all my tech savvy buddies and others for my friends that have different interests. Third-party twitter apps could use this feature.

Web Interface


  • the list of last updates from friends - ability to visually distinguish between friends who are following you and who are not. will save from replying to people who'll never read that reply.


Ideas that require Third Party Cooperation/Changes

Items that will require some changes or cooperation from third parties. ie facebook introducing status edits to their api

  • Sync between Twitter, Skype mood, Facebook status, Jaiku and anything else with a similar short message status. Update one, the others would get updated automatically.


3rd Party Apps/Plugin/Integration Related




  • A Mac OS X client/widget that can handle multiple accounts
  • Twitterific feature request: custom bird chirps for different friends. Via Chris Messina

Mobile Apps


  • Mobile Twitter (S60 perhaps?) with easy-peasy Direct twittering
  • A better and easier Mobile twitter APP available on a wider variety of phones (i have a Samsung SCH-u740)



  • Gaim plugin that sets your away message to your latest Twitter update
  • Trillian plug-in (for Windows)
  • QuickTwitter, a Quicksilver plug-in for Twitter
  • Integration with everything: Luke Dorny's code edit of tabs
  • AIM or Pidgin plugin (windows)



  • A direct message Eliza bot
  • An easy way to integrate Twitter and Pandorabots
  • IRC bot to post from a channel to a common Twitter account. Like mobitopia chumpbot.
  • A direct message bot which posts any direct messages it receives as it's status. Why? Because it will allow for group messaging without everybody having to be friends with everybody else - they'd just need to be friends with the bot. OMG3 does this but we need to be able to create one quickly on the fly for different projects. Social may do the trick for you.
  • Google News Alerts sent to twitter.



  • A tool to allow Twitter to call you regularly to ask, "What are you doing?" and then posting your answer in Twitter. Our question, should we bother building it: Answer Here
  • Twitterback. A service you give your Twitter ID to. When you tweet and your Tweet contains a URL it uses auto-discovery to find a Trackback link for the URL and then pings it with the URL of your Tweet.

To be classified


  • There should be an option where, when you tweet via SMS, all replies to you get sent to your phone until you tweet from a non-phone platform or send some kind of stop command. Kind of an auto-detecting on/off feature for SMS.
  • would really like to see a TwitterTimeline project started (see RSS2Timeline)
  • TwitterGrowl anyone? Anyone?
  • Twaiku - a haiku written in Twitter
  • Real time chat with your friends and followers. Imagine an IRC channel where when you posted an entry only your friends and followers saw it. Hah, that's just like Twitter you say. Yes. But Real time and as responsive as IRC. And it would work better than the @name convention.
  • sub-channels: I want to tweet some junk which would only be of interest to some .. my only option currently is to create a second twitter account and tweet it there, which is awkward and clumsy what with the logging out and logging in and geyhoven. So, something like "/fooddiary green eggs and ham for breakfast" could be tweeted by my main account, but i could set the channel "/fooddiary" to be private and thus only visible to my personal trainer. Allow ad hoc creation of channels, have an account option as to whether they default to public or private, have a per channel setting for public/private, allow following just a sub-channel, and if really keen allow opting out of a sub-channel of a followed twitterer. ... hmmm, maybe don't call these channels, as some people see "channel" as a synonym of "group" ... call these frequencies? Tune into my secret tweet frequency?
  • Easy Twitter Side Bar for firefox.  I bookmarked http://m.slandr.net/ then edited the bookmark to "load to sidebar" and the mobile enabled page loaded neatly in the firefox sidebar.
  • Have the 140-character limit exclude @names and RT. Really annoying when trying to RT someone, only to find their original tweet was close enough to 140 characters that 'RT @name' takes you over the limit! - Anji

Comments (9)

Anonymous said

at 6:08 am on Jul 24, 2007

Bah, didn't see the comments before. I have a copy of the original if anyone has a problem with the changes made. I had originally intended to add something, but in the process of reorganising completely forgot what it was :D

trisha mayeaux said

at 6:56 am on Mar 8, 2009

Twitter needs to have a App that allows you to browse other members to find new friends. I see Twitter has a place where u can search for other members. But you have to know the members First Name, Last Name, or Screename. It would be great to have an app which would allow you to search for Twitter friends with things like: location, genre, disability...ect.

lipshay said

at 12:41 am on Mar 11, 2009

Web/apps sync. unify web mindmap format/multi-media/daily agenda/

michael baker said

at 5:11 am on May 20, 2009

A game in which one user is granted by twitter access to a music library like napster or itunes.
This user would become like a music dj. Now the followers of this user must guess the song bieng
played. The music bieng played would be intentionally obscure but as one obsure song is chosen
by the dj his playlist would be narrowed down until eventually a popular song must be chosen.
This will also keep one user from having the dj position to long. Now the prize would be that will
the dj holds his or her position he can download as many songs as possible...

Down South said

at 4:53 am on Jul 20, 2009

Check out GM commerical "Technically that is correct." Hilarious. Bloopers@end so keep watching............http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUO2lVSbJUc

Mark Pearce said

at 6:02 am on Jul 30, 2009

I opened a Twitter at storymachine that might be a new use for Twitter -- creating an on-going action-adventure story with the microplot points suggested by Twitter responses. I think it would be fun to generate a long-running story with unexpected plot twists suggested by followers! Who knows what will become of the "unknownman".

mysticsifu said

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mysticsifu said

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