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Other Webapps

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  • SocialBro.com -  New!  Social Media CRM Dashboard. Analytics reports, Twitter list management, follow/unfollow tracking, powerfull followers search engine and more.
  • TweetFindTools New! FREE Twitter Management Tools. Dashboard, Discovery Tool, Schedule Tweets, Address Book, Klout, Clean up Tool, Follow Tool and More!
  • FriendLynx - New! Find and Follow your Facebook friends on Twitter. Create Twitter Lists with your Facebook Friends.
  • Resonancers.com - New! See which users get their tweets on Twitter’s home page the most. The best way to find the most influential people on Twitter  whether famous or not. @resonancers
  • RetweetFollow -  RetweetFollow lets you search by keywords in URLs tweeted and to easily follow the retweeters. You can also create lists, export the results, thank the RTs.
  • TweetMyCards - Send beatiful and free ecards to all your followers or any specific Twitter user. Cards for Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Love and Flowers.
  • FollowFriday.es - New! Spanish Twitter Ranking based on #followfriday recommendations. Find the best spanish twitters. @followfriday_es
  • adCause - Twitter Advertising. Buy and Sell ads on twitter. Keep the money or donate a percentage to your favorite causes. (@adcause on twitter)
  • TwitterChutney - a cool Web App for Multi-lingual tweeting. and Google Maps Mash up. Tweet in 7 different languages. ( Tweet in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Arabic, Kannada, Malayalam, ..) Experience a UI/UX live on top of the map.
  • LocaFollow - A Tool For Searching and Following Other Twitterers - A Twitter search engine that enables you to locate and follow Twitter users by searching in their Bio and Location fields.
  • twitCharts - twitCharts is a simple web wizard interface for adding Google graph charts to your tweets.
  • TweetPaste - Paste tweets into blog posts and pages using accessible HTML, not images
  • TwapperKeeper - Archive and organize tweets based upon hashtag.  Great way to archive tweets from special events, conferences, etc.
  • TwitPrint (@twit_print)- a free Twitter printer that will output your tweets in a printer friendly format and include Twitpic.com images and user avatars. You can select the tweets of just yourself, a specific person you follow or everyone. It's a great tool and, much like Twitter, you really have to use it to understand it. Read more about this Twitter printer in the blog.
  • Twick.in: With Twick.in, you can cloak your affiliate links, share them on twitter, track clicks and earn money.
  • Zi.pe! - Shorten a URL and make it tiny. Post this tiny url to Twitter, Facebook, Freind Feed, Splitweet and many more. Shorten a URL in just one click with out browser bookmarklet.
  • GeoFollow: Twitter Directory - Geo (location based) twitter user search. (Add youself to the directory by sending @geofollow YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE YOUR ZIP #tag1 #tag2 #tag3. EG: @geofollow Walnut Creek, CA 94596 #directory #geek #people.
  • Twitter Integration Dreamweaver Toolbar: provides a collection of tools to help you to integrate Twitter services in a website using Dreamweaver. It's provided as a Dreamweaver Extension, and adds a new category to Dreamweaver Insert Bar and to the Insert Menu. You can customize the theme and various display options to match the style of the website and this way providing valuable blocks of content to website's visitors.
  • twitRobot.com - Twitter marketing tool which sends recurring tweets about your product.
  • Refollow - A web based Twitter relationship manager. Filter by relationship, batch follow/unfollow, lock status of favorites, remember/filter previously followed, and explore/follow other's followers and following.
  • TweetBrain - TweetBrain is a crowdsourcing service powered by the Twitter community. It helps people and businesses build more connections using the Twitter platform. TweetBrain fosters mutually beneficial exchanges through the interchange of Q&As, boosting the viral effect of social networking.
  • Wantz.it - Lets you maintain a wish list through twitter, by tweeting @dowant [ URL ] [ optional comment ] you automatically update your wish list with that item. The wish list can also be easily shared on a blog or through the Facebook app.
  • Twackle - Twitter aggregator that organizes tweets about sports leagues, teams, athletes, events, and news in a single destination. Bookmark your favorite feeds and respond directly to tweets within Twackle. Add your favorite feeds into an embeddable widget.
  • TwitterCompressor is a small application that will compress and capitalize your text. The space on Twitter is precious - don’t waste it!
  • TwitterBEIS - Silverlight 3 OOB (Out of Browser) web and desktop App, hostted by Microsoft Windows Azure.
  • tagal.us - Tagalus is the largest and first hashtag resource for Twitter. Allows getting and setting of tags via web, twitter, or an API
  • HashDictionary - the hashtag dictionary for Twitter. Update your own hashtags wiki style.
  • TwAitter Twitter Scheduler, Twitter Calendar, Twitter Business Tools, and Twitter web client. Schedule tweets to send at anytime (recurring included). Manage your scheduled messages with an Outlook style Twitter Calendar. (www.twAitter.com)
  • Tweetizen - Discover tweets that matter to you. Create groups based on your interests and filter tweets that you want to read. You no longer will have to scan through thousands of tweets to find something useful. You can find groups on technology, jobs, gossip, news - think Digg.com, but for tweets.
  • Twitter Score - Ranks your Twitter profile based on different stats from your Twitter page. Another clever thing that TwitterScore does is to remember your profile and see how you compare against previous months to show you whether you’ve improved or got worse!
  • adCause - Advertise on twitter. Buy and Sell ads on twitter. Keep the money or donate a percentage to your favorite causes. (@adcause on twitter)
  • CheepFlow - Twitter-enabled SharePoint Workflow to address communicating changes from within a protected SharePoint Site. Tweets announcement content types as regular updates, documents with updates including the name of the document and bit.ly-shortened urls.
  • Conference.PeopleBrowsrThe ultimate Conference visualizer allows to monitor the live streaming of tweets about a specific keyword or hashtag. Read people's thoughts, suggestions and impressions about a conference in the exact moment they write them. Get more from your conferences and learn live how they can be improved.
  • CrestrTwitr - The first Crestron twitter client. Allows your crestron automation gear to send and recieve Tweets from Twitter.
  • Twitkut - Display your recent tweets on your Orkut profile page. Also, view the tweets of all your Orkut friends.
  • Twittad - Monetize your Twitter profile while not disturbing the conversations on Twitter. Either place profile or opt-in to Advertiser campaigns which allows for branding of your Twitter page.
  • BeTweeted - This is a simple and "socially responsible" pay-per-click model that allows twitterers to monetize without jeopradizing their reputation by subjecting their account to automatic spam links. All ads are manually triggered by the twitter user.
  • WhatsYourTweetWorth - From @Twittad - get a feel for how valuable you might be to advertisers on Twitter. A fun add-on site to the Twittad offering.
  • Tweet Link Monster Get an Atom feed of all of the links that your friends tweet. That way, you can read them at one time in your feed reader when you want to do so. Never get a link tweeted via SMS while away from the Internet and then totally forget about it again.
  • Twootball -- Have you ever wanted to sit down to a NFL match with a few beers and your laptop and tweet away to your favourite team with you fellow supporters? well a new site called Twootball allows you to do just that. From the main page of Twootball you will see the stream of everything that’s going on. Down the right hand side are the latest matches to be played, clicking on them will take you to the game screen where you can see the latest tweets coming in about the match.
  • FreeTweets Cool collections of hottest Twitter Backgrounds, a totally refreshing sweet treats so that you can Tweet Fabulously! by Focusguys
  • Custom Twitter Backgrounds- Wishafriend.com Generate custom twitter backgrounds for your profile. You can insert your own text and photo in the backgrounds.
  • TweetRemote Determines tweets' content-types based on hashtags and formats accordingly for aggregating and integrating with a blog.
  • CelebrityTweet! Stalk or follow celebrities on Twitter as they tweet in real-time.
  • Twitya - Client-side browser, directory and client. Check out any Twitter user with links to various stats sites. View and search updates and mentions. Surf to new users without page reloads. Includes a celebrity directory. Full client.
  • Social Event-based group twittering. Turns any twitter account into an event account where all attendees can message each other.
  • MsnToTwit 'MsnToTwit' is a msn add-on. Msn Personel message on Twitter account.
  • Twitterverse 'Twitterverse' was a prototype developed to offer graphical representation of social networks formed through usage of the 'Twitter' service. It offers a graphical user interface enabling efficient navigation of the user's social network and user's friend's social networks. Click here to read more
  • TwitterSnooze Hit the "snooze" button on your "verbose" Twitter friends by temporarily unfollowing them.
  • Cullect Collaborative feed reader optimized for Twitter; sign in with your Twitter id, post to twitter. Cullect also auto-expands shortened urls. More info at @cullect
  • Gridjit - Gridjit is a social portal that presents a Twitter user's friends and conversations in a grid layout with drill-down features through networks via @tags and links.
  • Diabetes Tracking for Twitterholic Diabetics -- This is SugarStats.com integration with Twitter to allow diabetics to track their diabetes and input their stats via Twitter. It also includes automatically posting their blood sugar readings from their Sugarstats account to their Twitter account if they choose.
  • Twitter Ethnography This is a virtual ethnography of Twitter conducted by three students at Emerson College for a course called Studies in Digital Media and Culture.
  • 30 Boxes has tight Twitter integration. After adding Twitter to your Web Stuff, you can view twitters from you and friends and you can post directly to Twitter.
  • A secure Google Gadget for updating twitter from your Google Homepage. Alternatively, an unsafe Google Gadget also exists, though you need to provide a 3rd party your login details.
  • If Suck a quirky little application to track everything that sucks in the world! Fully Twitter integrated. Tell the world what sucks at @ifsuck
  • Language Exchange on Twitter Language Exchange assistant on Twitter
  • MoniTwitter Monitors your website, posting updates to Twitter about load times and whether there is a problem or not. Subscribe to the Twitter account to receive updates about your site, notifications if it goes down.
  • Post Like A Pirate Have your text translated to pirate speak and post directly to Twitter.
  • PhoneTag Use any phone and your voice to update your Twitter timeline. In limited beta - first come first served.
  • Ququoo Turns Twitter into a timesheet, group your tweets to show how long you were doing stuff. To use, just befriend ququoo
  • Rss2twitter.com -- Add any rss feed to twitter via your twitter login.
  • Twash#Tag - HashTag - Complain about businesses and their customer service using a special hashtag: Twash#businessname / Twitter HashTag Directory
  • Tweet'l -- URL shotener, a la TinyURL, but it adds a Twitter client to make things handy.
  • TweetAhead -- Schedule tweets to be posted in the future
  • Twit2RSS - Read and reply to Twitter posts from your RSS reader. With this enhanced RSS feed, you may not need a separate Twitter reader.
  • Twitter Quotient - Humorous way to look at your Twitter stats (# friends, #updates) and calculate your Twitter profile! Are you a Twitter hero or zero? Keywords: twitter, quotient, statistics, metrics, index, profile, popularity
  • Twitcash -- "get paid per follower per post".
  • TwitKu -- A place to monitor your Twitter and Jaiku friends' posts in one place. Post to both with one click. "Refuse to choose!"
  • Twappi -- Daily Twitter mood. Cheer up a random sad twit.
  • Tweetdreams -- a Twitter dream journal.
  • Twerms -- Your latest 200 twits analyzed by Yahoo! Term Extractor.
  • Brabblr -- A metatool similar to twitku but with support for Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce and 10+ microblogging services. Post to one, several or all services at once and read your and your friends messages in one place.
  • Twitteria -- Answer questions beyond "What are you doing now?" , 100% Twitter based.
  • TwitThis -- add a "TwitThis" button to your website, or blog. Wordpress plugin included.
  • TwitterBuzz -- shows what sites people are linking to in Twitter posts, with relative popularity of sites.
  • TwitterChat An AJAX Twitter-Shoutbox for your blog or community.
  • twitterfeed.com -- "feed your blog to twitter". submit your blog's feed, and get your new blog posts twittered automatically.
  • Twitterholic - keeps track of followers/friends/favorites stats and sorts them.
  • Twitter Is Weird Displays random tweets as a conversation between two cartoon characters.
  • Twitter Zone -- Track URL and Words used on Twitter - List popular users and services.
  • What are people twittering about? Tracks the most common things/nouns found in the public timeline.
  • Yahoo! Pipe optimizes your Twitter RSS feed for posting to http://Tumblr.net. (still to do)
  • PingTwitter Ping your Twitter account from your blog so it auto updates when you make a new blog post.
  • Twitter on Foodry Restaurant review site has a "Send to Twitter" button to make twittering about a particular restaurant easy.
  • Twitget - A Twitter gadget -- a Windows Live gadget that shows your tweets on your Windows Live Space or the tweets of your peeps on Windows Live.
  • Inner Twitter - Inner Twitter asks what is in front of you? In answering you reconnect to your original happiness because to answer you must stop during your ordinary activities and turn your attention to immediate reality. A chime message is sent at selected time intervals. When you receive the chime stop. Listen. Briefly meditate. And then write about your experience.
  • TwitterWhere Makes it easy to post your location so that it's picked up by Twittervision.
  • LoudTwitter - Daily post your tweets on your blog. This is the exact contrary of twitterfeed. supports openid.
  • rss2twitter - rss2twitter is a freeware perl script that allow to post on Twitter every rss so also rss from Blogger!
  • TwitterNotes - Take notes anyywhere using Twitter, tag and read them whenever you want to.
  • Twitterest - Silverlight applet to show the ranking of your friends message count and other interesting stats.
  • Tweet'l - URL Shortener for Twitter.
  • Twype -- Automatically post your latest Tweet to your Skype Mood. Also track your Winamp listening and post that to the mood. Windows only.
  • SyncMood - Automatically updates your Tweet with Skype Mood.
  • @eventtrack - Tracking people in the moment, an extended topic, event, project, moment tracking system using Twitter as an interface but extending to multiple other services as well.
  • Joomla! Extensions - Add Twitter to your Joomla! web site. Joomla! is an open source content management system.
  • Twitter Packs - Find new people to add on Twitter using Twitter Packs!
  • Twitter SPY - Twitter SPY displays the Twitter public timeline in a fancy and addictive way!
  • CheckYesOrNo.info - Create simple yes or no polls and use the 'send to twitter' feature to easily share with your twitter buddies. It's like those notes you used to get from girls back in junior high.
  • Twitter.PollDaddy.com - Create Polldaddy polls and post them directly to your Twitter stream.
  • Twanslate (Twitter Translator) - Translate into multiple languages all through Twitter. Great for on the go translation when you just have your mobile phone. Just follow @twanslate and send a direct message like "d twanslate fr Where is the bathroom?". By @mdjensen
  • @checkdomain - Check for domain availability right from Twitter! Just follow @checkdomain, then send a direct message like "d checkdomain somedomain.com". By @mdjensen
  • Dislikr will create a bar graph based on @ messages/references for a provided user. Usage: http://dislikr.com/user_name
  • Clickbank Mall plugin for Twitter - Provides ecommerce capability
  • Twuzzer Twitter/GoogleMaps mashup, also featuring the Fail-Whale massacre.
  • KnolMe A URL shortener for Twitter users. Use your twitter username as part of the short url. (example: http://knol.me/al3x/1)
  • Sad Statements Sad Tweets are automagically illustrated via flickr.
  • Twiffid fetches the headlines of the websites listed in the profiles of your Twitter friends and shows them to you in a Twitter-like format. RSS feed and most clicked headlines available too.
  • FriendFeed Finder Find out if who you follow is on FriendFeed too. By @mdjensen
  • Dwigger Threaded conversations and voting for Twitter
  • Tweetwants You want stuff. Stuff is cool. You want it so much, you tweet about it. This is a collection of stuff you want.
  • Tweetfails Sometimes people get these big fancy ideas and attempt to pull something off. Sometimes it works, but that is boring. It's much more awesome when it fails. And when it fails, people tweet about it. This is a collection of stuff that fails.
  • Modelfolios online community that sends alerts of public site activity to twitter.com/modelfolios.
  • twopular - most popular trends on twitter aggregator
  • Twoogie, M.D. - Update your Twitter feed, Doogie Howser-style!
  • GTalkTwit - Update Twitter from your Google Talk (gTalk) status message
  • LastTweet - Put your recent Twitter updates in Last.fm's sidebar using one of the four available styles
  • TweetValue - How much is your twitter profile worth? By @jonasl
  • vttwitter - Twitter module for vtiger CRM
  • @myflightinfo - Get your flight status by sending a direct message with your flight info
  • sadakmap.com/twitter (with OAuth support) - 03/2009 - Post updates on a map. Updates can be longer than the 140 chars that Twitter allows. Your followers will see a link in your update that will display the location on the map you twitter'ed from. Also search for messages on Twitter by clicking on the map.
  • TwTip - Lovely tip tweets around the world
  • Writer's Database - Submission tracking app for writers, features Twitter integration. Let your followers know when you've sent out a new story (or batch of poems) for publication.
  • Viral Tweet Generator - A twitter application that has been designed to give you the possibility of creating a viral wave of tweets through your followers as well as your followers followers.
  • Twurfer - Twurfer combines the power of Twitter and you as a surfer. Now you can get and send surf reports with your cell phone! Plus you get your own surf report web site for showing off your surf reports, surfing photos, and links to your favorite surf sites. Launch your own surf report web site now!
  • vBTwitter - A Twitter integration with vBulletin that allows, as of v1.0, "Tweet This" functionality for posts and threads. Planned expansions are to occur to expand the product to support most of Twitter's features.
  • TweetIRC - A IRC style Twitter interface (in early stages)
  • ThinkClimbing - find and connect with climbers on Twitter
  • What The Hashtag?! - A user-editable encyclopedia for hashtags found on Twitter
  • TweetBackup.com - Backup all your tweets and friends. By @jonasl
  • YiqYaq - Online community radio turns twitter feeds into audio channels, so you can hear tweets via text-to-speech, blended with news, music, and other social audio. How-to here and here.
  • TwitteReader - gives Twitter a Google Reader look, with the ability to mark tweets as read/unread.
  • Greenknob SWIG - SWIG is an acronym for 'Some Ways I Green'. Send a tweet to @greenknob SWIG: <ur green msg or tip> ,(i.e send a reply to greenknob followed by the letters 'S','W','I','G',':') and you will see it displayed at http://www.greenknob.com/swig/. See how different people in various parts of the world do their bit to conserve.
  • BettingTwits -Tweet on about sports and sports betting including the NFL, NCAA, NBA , MLB, tennis, golf and more.
  • Ramamia – Ramamia helps you keep in touch with your family through simple and private family sharing, connects to Twitter.
  • TwitterToFeed – This tool helps you to represent specified twitter user's timeline as a RSS feed.
  • Zemanta - Blogging assistant that recognizes your friends when your write about them and brings your their profiles, homepages and pictures for easy inclusion in the post.
  • LoveHate – See how often people use two words nearly realtime. It's like a battles of two words.
  • TennisTweets - A fast, convenient way to follow and tweet with your favorite pro tennis stars who are on twitter.
  • TweetHugs - Cheer up a sad tweeter!
  • SweetTweet - Send a birthday cake to a tweeter!
  • cut.TW - a URL shortener designed for Twitters. Gives you many handy features such as shortening links ONLY for other Twitters (you can see which Twitters follow your clicks), password-protecting your links, suggesting a short link name, etc.
  • textsave - Save your long Text Files with textsave and Share Them on Twitter and other Micro Blogs.
  • iTwit.in - A web app that allows you to shorten, tweet and track your links on Twitter. It also caches your web pages and is ad free which makes it the fastest and the best Twitter short URL service.
  • Twitter2websms. Send SMS directly from twitter using your websms.lu account.
  • Twitter Submitter - NO FRILLS HTML by Kenneth Udut. 18 Lines of HTML, Easy to Grasp, Easy to Change. Requires Any Operating System. Requires Any Browser - even Lynx! Win3.1/9x/2k/XP/Vista Mac *nix. FREE and Public Domain. 2 Methods - Safer (manual login to Twitter API) & Unsafer (auto login to Twitter API)
  • Apollo Twitter Requires Adobe Apollo
  • VTwitter. Send messages to your Twitter account directly from Zimbra Webmail.
  • TwitterMoko is a client for Openmoko
  • DriveBuy. SaaS text messaging app for Real Estate agents allows agents to tweet their property listings.
  • CrestrTwitr - The first Crestron twitter client. Allows your crestron automation gear to send and recieve Tweets from Twitter.
  • Toucan - The Twitter Client for Salesforce. Track twitter IDs for your users, leads, and contacts. Search for tweets. Save a watch list to keep track of your contacts' tweets.
  • Doctor Twitter-is the number one source for FREE custom Twitter layouts, backgrounds, themes and pictures. One Click Theme Apply!
  • iTweetReply - A service that automatically send you an email every time somebody "@" replies or mentions you on twitter.
  • TwitterAnalyzer - is one of the most extensive Twitter applications ever... basically, its a tool for Twitter users to analyze themselves or their friends, but Twitter Analyzer takes the statistics data to a much higher level... (it is called by some Twitter users the "Google Analytics for Twitter users") and rightly so, TwitterAnalyzer features more then 50 statistics measures displayed in 3D graphs and World Maps enabling surgical precision tuning of your twitter stream... you would discover many things about your or your friends Twitter presence... you can even share your statistics with your friends.
  • TweetRoom - "chat rooms" for Twitter, based on hashtags.
  • TwttrBlogs - Create Blogs and Polls to post to your Twitter account. Interact with your followers
  • Spreadit - Run competitions, promotions, product launches over Twitter, Facebook, Flickr. Create buzz, page rank, positve PR by getting people to Tweet about your product and giving away some cool stuff. Full reporting available.
  • Tweet Editor - Tweet Editor is a great little DHTML program engineered in javascript to edit your Twitter Tweets either at tweeteditor.net or on your web site. Tweets are saved as cookies so no database or text file is needed.
  • tweetbook.in - Create a PDF ebook of your status updates and favorites, get an xml file backup. Also publish & share it with friends.
  • Tonig.ht - Register your own .tonig.ht domain and develop your own domain. Supports nameservers, URL redirect, domains, hosting and much more!
  • any.io Finger and DNS Gateways - provides an interface to reading statuses via both the finger and DNS protocols.
  • AdaptiveStuff - Most of us prefer news, articles and media that caters to our interests at that moment. Talking about our interests, some of them are long-term interests whereas most interests are transient in nature. Your recent tweets could be mapped to a subset of your current transient interests or activities. Enters adaptiveStuff that recommends you adaptive contents from multiple sources. It utilizes Tweet-as-a-Tag (TaaT) mechanism.
  • Tweetboard - A twitter-powered microforum. Tweetboard reformats tweets into threaded conversations with unlimited nesting, making it significantly easier to follow actual discussions that are occurring on Twitter. Tweetboard is not a destination website, but an application that loads on your website.
  • Twitoaster - Threads and archives twitter conversations like on a message board / forum, bringing you all the background, context and statistics you need.
  • cTwittLike - See twitter like another user.
  • Tweeterview - Run Twitterviews, tweeterviews, twinterviews - basically Twitter Interviews, store the full transcript and link it back to your blog or site. Viewers can see and follow the full interview in real time as it happens.
  • Recover Stolen Account - Helps you protect and recover your twitter account in seconds if someone (or some evil application) has changed your email and password.
  • Twitter @link Plugin for Joomla! - This content plugin for Joomla! 1.5 allows you to insert the @username link in your Joomla! articles without having to do the HTML. It works well with most Joomla! editors. {@labanex} would be replaced with @labanex. Joomla! 1.0 version is available as well.
  • Twimonial - Testimonials for Twitters. A webapp to read testimonials about Twitter users. You can also make a list for your Follow Friday recommendation so that your followers get to know why a user that you recommend should be followed.


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