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Posting and Alerts

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  • Socialized Card : Alert your followers your entire social network profiles. Socialized Card holds your entire social identity. Let your viewers connect with you on all social network site's you belongs to using your twitter profile url
  • a2f.me - create a short URL, update your twitter status with personalized message, requires username/password. You may also send a text message to a mobile phone, as well as update facebook (Alpha Release)
  • Acamin.com - http://www.acamin.com - A convenient and ethical way of sharing/posting files on Twitter
  • Annotated links - pack a bunch of links as well as your post-it note into one shrot URL and share it via Twitter
  • BiggerTwitter - A service similar to Twitzer which allows you to post longer messages, although works by placing a link in the Tweet.
  • BigTweet (now Social.com)   ♥ Surf the web and post to Twitter! Social.com lets you tweet from any web page using a bookmarklet that installs on all major browsers. A stand-out feature of Social.com is that you stay on the current page - no pop-up windows needed for tweeting ● Automatically capture web page title, highlighted text and link (which is shortened for you with Bit.ly) ● OAuth support for secure login ● Integrated with Delicious, Ping.fm and Bit.ly (track your link statistics) ● Easily switch between multiple Twitter accounts ● Include all kinds of special character symbols in your tweets. Social.com Button and WordPress Plugin also available to drive traffic to your site. Simply the fastest and easiest way to share links!

  • Book Price Check - a simple way to check book prices via reply and direct message to your mobile device.
  • Dadnab - Plans your trips on public transportation using text messaging (SMS). Optionally notify your Twitter followers of where you're planning to go.
  • EmailTwitter -- free Mail-to-Twitter gateway, lets users post Twitter updates and retrieve Twitter timelines via a cellular phone or other e-mail enabled mobile device without incurring SMS fees.
  • FeedMyTwitter A Web application allows you to auto post cool status messages randomly to twitter on a certain interval of time. Automaticly  post from your area of intrest, RSS Feed, your custom status message list or any combination of above three with priority control. Ideal Tool for users who want to increase their followers.
  • fitURL - fitURL creates short URLs just like tinyURL accept it fights spam by checking for spam URLs which makes it much more reliable!
  • Followize - A powerful, streamlined interface for Twitter. Read tweets organised by person. Load timelines and tweets people are replying to. Post, reply and retweet in a snap.
  • gamerDNA - Automatically share your video gaming by connecting your gamerDNA.com account to Twitter. By @gamerDNA
  • Go to Site - Simple URL shortener, example link go2.st/10.
  • HappyTwitday - Celebrating all Twitter Birthdays! Checks all Twitter messages for Happy Birthday messages, and assigns the birthday to the @Twitterer. Multiple birthday wishes are tallied as well. Follow @HappyTwitday to get notified when one of your Twitter friends has a birthday through @reply messages! By @mdjensen
  • Short Url - Improved Short Link Services, which comes with many useful options, like e.g. link lists, and tons of plugins and Widgets.
  • Impersonitter - allows you to update your Twitter status while letting you specify a "source." (e.g. having "from TwitterBerry" at the bottom of your tweets-- even if you don't have a BlackBerry or the TwitterBerry app.)
  • iTwit.in A web app that allows you to shorten, tweet and track your links on Twitter. It also caches your web pages and is ad free which makes it the fastest and the best Twitter short URL service.
  • John Doe - the anonymous twitter user :)
  • Joint Contact - Integrates online project management and Twitter. Allows users to send project related messages directly to Twitter. See printscreens at our blog or contact us.
  • KeymanWeb - Tweet in 200 different languages, online, with on screen keyboard in your web browser - by Tavultesoft
  • LinkBunch - Put several URLs into one bunch, which is a compact URL that you can use in your tweet. Kinda like TinyURL, but for multiple links.
  • Listento.fm - Share music & video on Twitter. You can either search or post a direct MP3/Youtube/IMEEM link. Our tool will generate a media page(with your page design) for you to share with your twitter fans. @listentofm
  • LiveTwitting - Use LiveTwitting for your next conference, event, or meeting instead of liveblogging. Simple commands to turn recording on and off, all through Twitter! Learn how to use livetwitting or check out LiveTwitting events. By @mdjensen
  • LoudTwitter - Daily email you tweets at your email address. This is the exact contrary of Twittermail.
  • mail2.im - mail2.im relays messages. Get your inbound twitter notifications routed to whichever IM or phone you're currently using. Get other messages to you routed to you as twitter direct messages.  Twitter specific instructions on getting started here
  • MessageDance - sign-up now - Send photos, videos, any file type from your email, YouTube, iPhone and Facebook to Twitter. You can create a blog post the same way with a tweet to Twitter as well. How Twitter integration works.
  • MobiFeedLive.com Receive Keyword Based Email Alerts so you can see who is saying what about you... Also has Search, Link Metrics, and Trend Analysis...
  • Mobypicture - Mobypicture lets you share postings to your Twitter, Flickr, Wordpress, Blogspot, Tumblr, Hyves and Jaiku accounts from your mobile phone, email or from the web, including pictures, text and soon video and audio!
  • Mr. MileStone - Notifies you when you have reached 100 followers. Repeats every 100th.
  • myconcertarchive - Manage your concerts history list (future and past events) and automatically publish to twitter
  • PicPostr - A service designed to let you send photos from your phone to your twitter or identi.ca account. Email photos from your phone to PicPostrand have a shortened URL and description posted directly to your account.
  • PingVine - PingVine is a free service that takes an Atom or RSS feed from your blog, lifestream or favorite website and posts it to Twitter, Ping.fm, or Identica.
  • Plinky - Plinky makes it easy for you to create inspired content. Every day we provide a prompt (i.e. a question or challenge) and you answer. Easily shares your answers on Twitter. Follow @plinkyprompts to receive the daily prompt.
  • plzRT.me - adds a compact retweet link to your tweets, enabling and encouraging users to retweet you with a click and comment. Retweets/comments are displayed in a thread.
  • Posterous.com -- Posterous lets you post multiple photos, video, music, all through email. Autopost to twitter via email. Best Mobile Startup Finalist, Crunchies 2008
  • Postica - Postica lets you create sticky note reminders via twitter.
  • ProjectLocker - Sends Twitter direct message updates when a change happens in your Subversion repository.
  • Protected notes - publish password protected tweets, share password protected files via Twitter
  • Prune.it - Get a looong url pruned to 20 chars, or get a pruned url for an uploaded image, add a comment and send to your Twitter profile - all under one roof !
  • QuoteURL - Build quotes from Twitter, create sets of individual updates and have them all in a single page that can be shared with your friends or embedded in your website. (video demo)
  • qux.in - Simple URL shortener, also allowing you to share video embeds or any arbitrary text or HTML.
  • Read on... - let you send up to 700 character-tweets. (German)
  • reTweet.it - retweet other members tweets and get retweeted yourself.
  • RetweetMe - Get reminder tweets with an easy to use natural language for specifying the time of the reminder @retweetme in 15 minutes; update your twitter status. Follow RetweetMe
  • RSSFriends - Creates a RSS Feed of your new followers or unfollowers.
  • SalesTwit - Contact management for Twitter. Load your electronic (gmail, yahoo!, outlook, mail) address book and get regular twits reminding you to contact folks. d msg back and leave notes about your contacts. {beta: use sign-up link at top and invite code: sttest}
  • SecretTweet - Post your secrets and private thoughts anonymously to Twitter. It's like PostSecret for Twitter.
  • Secure notes - publish one time readable tweets. Secure notes in the public status line.
  • sms2twitter Update your twitter sending SMS from any german mobile with the same cost of a regular SMS. Recommended for german people (Germany).
  • SnapTweet - Posts your latest Flickr photos to Twitter! Very simple.
  • Song.ly - Song.ly lets you share music on twitter.
  • Squawk This - Easy tweets from any page, also has a wprdpress plugin.
  • SuccessWhale - A simple PHP/Javascript Twitter client designed to work on older browsers.  Integrates with a pastebin for posting tweets longer than 140 characters.
  • Switter.com - Using Twitter through your preffered Instant Messaging software (Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN etc) or via SMS. Local versions in various countries and languages.
  • textsave Save your text files with textsave and then share them on Twitter and many other Micro Blog platforms.
  • theSUGGESTR - theSUGGESTR.com allows you to post your ratings of local restaurants and businesses directly to your Twitter account.
  • theTwitterTagProject - Because Facebook shouldn't be the only app with SUPER-POKE!
  • TrackThis - Track your FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL packages using Twitter direct messages
  • twAitter (Now in Alpha) - A full Twitter web client with a comprehensive scheduling platform.  Schedule tweets to send at anytime(recurring included).  Manage your scheduled messages with an Outlook style Twitter Calendar. (www.twAitter.com)
  • twAnswers.net - ask any question and you will receive an automatic answer via twitter. other twitter users can also answer your question
  • Twash - Twash is a database that cointains awesome tweets. You can add a twash, or vote twashes to improve their ranking. Discover some cool tweets in twash!
  • twe2.com - Twe2 sends your Twitter alerts via SMS technology directly to your mobile device - Free. It works in Europe, Canada, Australia, US and others.
  • Tweet Counter - Get alerted when you reach an important number of status updates (100,500,1000, 1500)
  • Tweet Scan - Get tweets emailed to you that match your keywords and phrases on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Tweet13 - Tweet13 lets you publish ROT3 obscured updates and add an optional decipher link.
  • Tweetahead Dashboard Widget - allows you to schedule tweets into the future (homepage)
  • TweetCall - Update Twitter by voice by dialing 1-877-TWEET-CALL. Tweets are transcribed into text. @TweetCall
  • TweetLater.com - Schedule future-date tweets for as many Twitter accounts as you want.
  • Tweetly Updater - a Wordpress plugin that updates Twitter when you create or edit a blog entry, it uses the bit.ly service for short urls.
  • Tweetmarks.com - Twitter Bookmarks - Automatically save and categorize the links you tweet about, and automically add them to your del.icio.us account! By @mdjensen
  • TweetMyJOBS - Job Posting and searching service for Twitter.
  • Tweetparty - Tweetparty lets you create and mange contact groups and send direct messages to them.
  • tweetshots - tweetshots enables you to take a twitter tweet to tumblr or embed in other pages/blogs. tweetshots are tweet screenshots, automated.
  • TweetsQueue - Lets you build up a queue of tweets that will be twittered in a configurable time interval.
  • Tweetube - Easily share your favorite YouTube videos on Twitter. Allows discovery, tracking and comments among your followers.
  • Tweetworks - With groups and threaded discussions, Tweetworks makes tweeting more useful by tuning out the noise and letting you participate in the conversations that interest you most.
  • Twerbose - Quickly post larger tweets to twitter.  Up to 1,400 characters.  Then followers can comment on your massive tweets.
  • twi8r - twi8r translates text message shorthand to English and vice versa and let's you post immediately to twitter. No sign-ups/sign-ins required. Works on mobile browsers also. {beta site – new features added every week}
  • Twilert - Twilert is a Twitter application that lets you receive regular email updates of tweets containing your brand, product, service, well any keyword you like really.
  • Twickly.Com - Make quick tweets to your twitter profile using predefined common message templates then allows you to post stright to Twitter FREE! Helping you save time & effort.
  • twiggit - twiggit is an automated service that lets your friends on twitter know what articles you digg.
  • Twishlistter - Create a wishlist by sending messages to a Twitter user.
  • TwitApps Follows - Get daily, weekly or monthly emails summarising your follower changes. Free and with no need to share your Twitter password.
  • TwitApps Replies - Get notifications of @replies and mentions of your username. Free and with no need to share your Twitter password.
  • Twitizer - An exciting new service that enables you to send long texts, photos (or other pictures; optionally geotagged), video clips and/or audio clips (or podcasts) from your mobile phone and get them published on Twitter.
  • TwitOrg - Twitter for organizations. Create / Manage / Join organizations with TwitOrg.
  • TwitPic - Share photos on twitter.
  • TwitPickr - Are you looking for an easy way to upload your twitpick images to flickr? Stop looking, twitpickr is all you need
  • TwitPlan - Plan tweets.
  • Twitter Answers with @TweetAnswers - Ask questions and get answers with Tweet Answers! It's like Yahoo! Answers, but for Twitter. Simple to use: "@tweetanswers #topic Your question". Follow @tweetanswers for new questions, or go to TweetAnswers.com. By @mdjensen
  • Twitter Toolbar - Toolbar for the Firefox browser. Quickly post updates, and check for replies.
  • Twitter Weather - Twitter Weather lets you publish daily weather updates to the twitter user of your choice!
  • Twitter2Mail - Send your @replies via email (or possibly even SMS). Get your emails in nicely formatted batches or for every @reply! From@twit2apps!
  • Twittermail.com - Send and recieve tweets via e-mail and has some other great features like tweeting in the future, and recieve replies updates in your mailbox!
  • Twittertise - Twittertise allows you to schedule in advance and track the clickthroughs on tweets. Ideal for advertisers looking to measure effectiveness.
  • twittinesis.com - Copy tweets from your twitter page to your blog. Supports more blogs than other services that perform this service.
  • Twittley - First Twitter Social bookmarking site.Submit cool news you find,and share it with other Twitter users
  • Twittsms Update your twitter sending SMS to a phone number of Spain with the same cost of a regular SMS. Recommended for Spanish people (Spain).
  • Twitzer - Twitzer is a tool which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on Twitter. It can be used from within Twitter and no sign-ups or sign-ins required.
  • Twonvert.Com - The new way to say more with your twitter update. No need to struggle to squeeze words into your twitter posts - twonvet converts / translates your tweets into shorthand language, slang, text message speak & common abbreviations then allows you to post stright to Twitter FREE! Helping you say more with less characters.
  • Twoxit.Com - Embed a twitter form into your website for your visitors to update their twitter profile for free. Choose from many template styles & sizes.
  • Twrivia - Tweets a daily trivia question.
  • twt.fm - tweet some music!  type in an artisttrack, and your twitter username. twt.fm will then generate a track page for you using your twitter page design and you'll be able to tweet it to your followers. @twtfm
  • Unicode Symbol Map - Bookmarklet for quick access to unicode symbols '64.
  • UpdateThat A web widget that allows you to update your status on Twitter, Facebook or MySpace with one click. Ideal for blog owners that want to allow visitors to twit/update status w/o leaving the page.
  • VacaTweet - Let your followers know when you are out of town, or just send an @reply to them when they message you.
  • Voolia Murls - A unique URL shortening service that converts several URLS into a single, short url with preview and other handy features.
  • XLTweet.com - For eXtra Long Tweets (tweets over 140 characters) Super easy-to-use. Includes rich text editor for formatting fonts (styles, sizes, colors) and bullet lists (similar to this PBWiki editor).
  • 2tweet - 2tweet is a free service from 2pad to easily tweet photos and videos from email, just email your photos/videos to twitter@2pad.com - the first time you'll receive an email with instructions to activate your account, then everything will be automatic.
  • TweetAlarm - Twitter alerts by email for your keywords.  Follow your company, products or anything that interests you
  • Twitter Delay - Monitor how long it takes twitter to deliver messages during periods of high user demand. Watch as twitter battles with the challenges of more and more users on it's service.
  • TwitterAnalyzer - is one of the most extensive Twitter applications ever... basically, its a tool for Twitter users to analyze themselves or their friends, but Twitter Analyzer takes the statistics data to a much higher level... (it is called by some Twitter users the "Google Analytics for Twitter users") and rightly so, TwitterAnalyzer features more then 50 statistics measures displayed in 3D graphs and World Maps enabling surgical precision tuning of your twitter stream... you would discover many things about your or your friends Twitter presence... you can even share your statistics with your friends.
  • Twtlong - You can add a longer text, photos, videos and maps to your tweets.. (by @twtapps)
  • 9mp.com - 9mp.com allows you to shorten a URL quickly and easily. Track advanced statistics with each URL. 9MP utilizes Google Friend Connect to allow you to easily sign in and track your URL's. 9MP is currently the ONLY URL Shortener to allow you to use a BRANDED url.
  • TwitMesh - Create groups, send invitations to your followers. Twitter IM to chat with your friends via Twitter. Streaming search fom twitter and more..

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