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Scripts and libraries




BASH shell 



  • Jabber::Simple (src, doc) is a simple (duh!) Ruby library that aims to make the implementation of basic Jabber functionality trivial
  • TwitterPated is a script to interact with Twitter via Jabber to make it simpler for multiple people to publish to a Twitter identity.



  • twitter4j
  • JTwitter is a simple Java interface to Twitter. It provides nice Java methods and objects for accessing Twitter.
  • Twitter taglib - access to Twitter right from your JSP (or Coldfusion) pages



  • TwitterJS easy to implement JavaScript twitter badge with lots of options to customise appearance.



CPAN Modules 


Movable Type 



  • Syndicate Twitter to your blog by David Kadavy
  • RSS to Twitter by Paul Stamatiou
  • MailTwitterPHP is an email to Twitter gateway script that attempts to connect to a specified IMAP inbox, cycle through all email and attempt to post the body of each email as a new Twitter to a specified Twitter account. Requires a PHP install with IMAP support compiled in.
  • Twitter + PHP Update your Twitter status from within your PHP scripts
  • Twitter2HTML Show your latest tweets on your website with this simple PHP script. (via API, not RSS for instant updates. Requires cURL.)
  • TwitterSig Show your latest tweet in an image file for use in forum sigs, etc. Requires PHP5.)
  • PHP code from scratch to get the user updates and display it on your page the way you want.
  • TwitterOAuth was the first PHP library that supported OAuth, is lightweight, easy to use, and released under a MIT license.








  • Twitty Twister Twisted Python library with OAuth support by dustin and Kévin Dunglas.
  • Tweepy by Joshua Roesslein.



  • OAuthLib Library for OAuth protocol, which can use for Twitter Client program.



  • Safaritweet - Posts the title and URL of the currently active Safari tab on Twitter, hashtags can be passed in as command line parameters. Uses RubyOSA for AppleScript magic, twitter4r and ShortURL.


  • LuaTwitter - by Kamil Kapron. Simple module for Lua developers. It provides access to the Twitter API methods.



Twitter Integration Dreamweaver Toolbar: provides a collection of tools to help you to integrate Twitter services in a website using Dreamweaver. It's provided as a Dreamweaver Extension, and adds a new category to Dreamweaver Insert Bar and to the Insert Menu. You can customize the theme and various display options to match the style of the website, this way providing valuable blocks of content to website's visitors.

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