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This is a proposal and gathering page to discuss TagChannels for Twitter and not a final document.


Twitter with Channel tags


This page should capture thoughts and fill out a proposal for TagChannels on Twitter.


The syntax


  • follow #tag: subscribe to all updates tagged with #tag
  • follow username#tag: subscribe to all updates tagged with #tag from a specific user
  • leave #tag: unsubscribe to a tag; you will still get updates with this tag from your friends
  • leave username#tag: unsubscribe to a specific from a specific user
  • remove #tag: completely remove all incoming posts tagged with #tag, even from your friends
  • #tag message: creates a status in the #tag channel
  • #tag !message: creates a status that is only visible to people subscribed to channel tag #tag




  • Feeds for #tagchannels would be a no brainer making it really easy to follow certain topics without having to follow everyone posting on the topic
  • It'd be very easy to capture status updates about events if a tag is set before the event... for example #sxsw or #barcamp
  • Rather than messing up your friends list with Twitter deal accounts (cpcoupon, applestuff, dealtwit, amazondeals, etc), you could simply follow #deals if they all use the #deals tag convention.




  • concerns?


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