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Twitter Etiquette

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Twitter Etiquette


This Wiki page is a compilation of posts, observations and opinions about Twitter user behavior and the developing Twitter culture. Some ideas for contributing to this page:

  • Twitter Users - Twitter an etiquette idea to your stream then cite/link to the post on this page.
  • Bloggers - Blog about Twitter social observations. Link to your posted opinions on this Wiki page.
  • Journalists - Write about the evolution of Twitter social norms. Link to your published articles from here.
  • This is not a page to create rules and regulations. This page can develop into a good resource for newbies. The goal is to Twitter better while maintaining the fun. Nothing on this page is set in concrete. Every item on this page is open to interpretation, including this entire paragraph.




Account Management


Good Twitter Hygiene


This Vs. That

  • "For personal use I am almost overwhelmed by my Twitter feed. It's too much. I over-committed. I can't consume my Twitter stream to my phone anymore; I have to consume it via RSS (and apps like Twitteriffic). I can't imagine I am the only person with this issue," blogged by Brady Forrest, O'Reilly Radar, "TwitterCamp, an Apollo-based visualizer," on 04/11/2007


Posting Norms



Some things are better left unsaid.

  • Debra Hamel: That part I'll tell you off-Twitter. Twitter Public Timeline, 4/5/2007 1:01:37 PM



Twitter users posting as someone else...



"Whatever happened to class?," ~ Matron "Mama" Morton, Chicago the Musical

  • Tara Hunt: Swear at least once per day. Or at least put something like this in: $#%@&*!!! ;)




"#followfriday @montanaflynn @twuoted @biz @john" 10 minutes ago from web



Round-the-Clock Updates

  • Kim M. Bayne: "I draw the line at Twittering while on the toilet. Not gonna happen. Nope.," 01:10 PM March 24, 2007 from web



Quality vs. Quantity

  • Tara Hunt: I'm on jabber, so the more, the merrier! I would advise people who are feeling like they get too many messages to switch to email/web/jabber and/or unsubscribe from the frequent twitterers. :)
  • Meghan WIlker: gently reminding co-workers that twitter and IM are not the same thing. Twitter Public Timeline, 4/4/2007 1:20:47 PM



What constitutes spam on Twitter?

  • Tara Hunt: Unsolicited messages? I don't mind people plugging their events/software/blogposts occasionally, but if that's all they do, I'll just unsubscribe.
  • Tom Morris: Mass adding seems to be a clear case of Twitter spam. It's a daily occurrence now to get five or ten Twitter adds, all of which point to an account that is spamming something, is following 5,000 people and has three people following them. original tweet



You've heard of AP, Chicago and Wired Style. Now there's Twitter style.



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