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Twitter Glossary

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Twelepathy: is when a tweeter is so predictable that you can tell what they're going to tweet before they even tweet it


Tweeps gansta for Tweeple. For those who you specifically talk to through twitter

*sorry tweeps, but I got to get some sleeps

See Tweeps vs Tweeple


Twidium is watching a game and twitting each play. 

Arsenal and Man U play to day I will meet you at the Twidium


Tweeple peope who tweet and are twitters

*rtwty is a request to have your tweet retweeted over and over.


*Tweskank is someone who twitters while on a date.


"That girl sitting in the corner with that cute boy, yeah she's such a tewskank."


*Twexting is the act of tweeting via text messaging


"twexting is easier for me since I am literally attatched to my phone."


*tweeting, the definition of someone who is actually writing out their comments


"I'm tweeting right now, go away."


Twitphilia is a phsychological obsession with twitter and a compulsion to tweet.

"I don't sleep anymore since I can't update that way."


Twitanoia is an intense psychological aversion to all things twitter.

"You tweet?!  OMG!  Get away from me.  I'll pray for you."

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i'm tweeting

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